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Book of the Week: Flirting with Fate

Flirting with Fate by J.C. Cervantes

What a sweet, adorable story in general. It was more of a family mystery with a spiritual essence, and less like the romance I thought it would be, but it still had the element of love weaved throughout.

That didn’t matter, though. I found myself wishing I could have the kinds of conversations with my dearly departed grandmother that Ava had with hers (and the concept of blessings given to you as a deathbed gift? So cool!) It was a very heartwarming and feel-good kind of book. Lots of innocence to it, as it was centered around teenagers and lost loves, so I really liked how the focus was on the different relationships between the characters, such as the sister bond, father-daughter bond, BFF-bond, etc. instead of just the one featured romance and all that typically goes into it.

The way the sisters interacted, with all their different personalities shining yet strongly supported by each other’s love, reminded me of the special bond I have with my own two sisters.

It also reminded me of my Nanny, and how if we believed in the culture of a blessing, she most certainly would have handed it down to me, and if I didn’t get it? You bet she would turn up in “ghost” to get to the bottom of it and set things right. I loved the tenderness of their connection—and the humor of her sidekick, Saint Merdarus, who brought a lighthearted element to the drama.

There were also some surprising twists—hidden truths, unexpected character qualities, and a different kind of happy ending.

As a believer in fate myself, I absolutely adored all the hints, signs, and “coincidences” that kept showing up in this book trying to show Ava that destiny did, in fact, exist. Fun and endearing story to sink into.

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