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Book of the Week: Fae Song

Fae Song, by Deonne Williams

I’m not sure what originally drew me to this title – most likely the title itself, since those of you who have been following probably know by now how I love everything fae, Ireland, magical, etc. But this book wasn’t exactly what I expected (in a good way!)

It wasn’t the same old Irish roots and magic-type book I typically read, and it didn’t disappoint by being its unique brand of storytelling.

In fact, I adored this endearing fantasy that took you on a mystical journey of two strangers meeting, forming a bond and strong friendship and accepting each other exactly as they were. Gwynn, a magical, musical bard and Shae, a warrior guardian, came from opposite backgrounds but formed a kindred connection almost immediately. They came from different “clans,” and it was interesting because she was unapologetically herself, and Shae, although at first a disbeliever in magic, didn’t fight her or her abilities; he simply wanted to protect her. In doing so, he opened his mind to the possibilities.

They even entered an immortal world along their journey, and unexpected surprises—and even a test of their friendship—could not break this union up. He was quite the man, actually: strong, protective and commanding (in a respectful way) yet also honest, gentle and supportive every step of the way. How nice it was to see a masculine character not be such an ass (lol) but instead, a confidant man who truly cared about his companion.

Of course, I was rooting for some kind of romance, but I have to say that it was different (and enjoyable!) to watch just a friendship begin to unfold into a natural fondness.

Both characters were well written, and it was an unexpected delight to read. The ending did not tie things up—I mean, I guess it did for this part of the story, but it leaves you hanging just enough that it makes you want to see what happens next in the sequel!

To hear more about my thoughts on and how I connected to the character of Gwynn, check out my video book review, Find Yourself in a Character:

To learn more about this week’s author, Deonne Williams, you can find her here:

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