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Book of the Week: Christmas in Hawaii

Christmas in Hawaii by Jessica Long

I was left feeling a bit underwhelmed and unfulfilled by this book, unfortunately. But I don’t like writing poor reviews; as an author itself, it makes my heart hurt because that’s someone’s work of art that came from the heart out there.

So, I will just say this wasn’t exactly my cup of hot cocoa in terms of holiday romances.

I liked the idea of the Christmas wedding scene, the scheme to pair up the maid of honor and best man, and the secretive romance premise, but for me, I feel like there could have been a little bit more drama or character depth to really bring a basic story a bit of an edge.

The story was simple and felt rushed—and while of course all of these books by nature are predictable, it was a little too predictable and lacking a certain reader chemistry that I tend to prefer. I don’t mean sexuality—I enjoy both clean and erotic books. I mean, I want to feel the draw of the characters to each other, like I am her wanting to both hate and love this man at the same time.

It fell short for me, but perhaps others might enjoy it as a quick read on the go.

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