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Book of the Week: Chicken Soup for the Soul

Chicken Soup for the Soul by Multiple Authors

After all these intense and profound self-revelatory books, I wanted to sit with a super soul-soothing book that made my heart smile. It was enjoyable to read a book where I didn’t have to carve out time to read from beginning to end because it was chock full of short stories and excerpts that you can read as you felt called to. I found myself reading a few in the morning when I woke up, while waiting for lunch to cook, in the evening waiting for the kids to get ready for bed…just delightful to pick it up and add a little light inspiration to my day whenever I wanted to.

It was the perfect kind of book to pepper in bits of inspirational reminders throughout the day.

I loved the diversity of stories, from heartwarming love tales about older married couples and the innocence of children, to powerful moments in women’s lives and miracles that made you remember how amazing life can show up for you. Although not every little tale captured my interest, I did enjoy seeing shares and glimpses of old letters and unconventional relationships and everything that make life beautiful when we share it with others.

It really was like chicken soup! Highly recommended to keep on your bookshelf for those times you need a boost or a reminder that there is good in this world.

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