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Book of the Week: Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies

Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies, by Tara Schuster

If there ever was a stranger able to enter my mind and then write a book from my essence, I swear it is this author, who I absolutely adored. The perfect amount of no filter, sass, sarcasm and inspiration, I found this book to be one of the best “self-help” books ever to roam the Earth.

In fact, it felt so relatable and so easy to read, that you didn’t realize she was tricking you into doing work on yourself and loving yourself more just as you’re reading it!

She had me the moment she mentioned her journey began when a friend recommended The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, a book that multiple times has opened me up and healed lots of fun, hidden wounds through creativity. But what was most serendipitous is that one morning, I woke up feeling like a needed a dad hug and even posted about it, and I kid you not, I started reading this that very same afternoon and in chapter one, she literally uses an example of wishing she had more hugs from her dad because she just wanted to be held.

I could not believe what I was reading, like get out of my head!

As the book progressed, I saw so much of myself and my journey in Tara’s stories, and even how we chose to heal. I am a HUGE fan of journaling (minimum two pages every morning), and so many of the methods she recommends to the reader I already have in place. So, of course, I’m reading all badass like, I’ve got this…until I don’t! She had some super amazing insights, probes and suggestions that I never even considered before, so I definitely can up my own self love and care game.

Her humorous take on her own life, habits and lessons was exactly the medicine I had needed after a rough week—and the wakeup call my life needed to get back on track.

Whether you have hit rock bottom and need a place to start or an “old pro” who could always use a new idea or two on the path to continuous self-improvement, this is the absolute book for you. Everyone needs to read this…and buy yourself some f*cking lilies. For realz….I did!

To hear more about my thoughts on and how I connected to the author, Tara, check out my video book review, Find Yourself in a Character:

To learn more about this week’s author, Tara Schuster, you can find her here:

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