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Book of the Week: Awakening the Gods

Awakening the Gods, by Kristin Gleeson

For me, this was a slow starter with little hint at the direction of where the story would lead (aside from the title indicating the premise), but it finally picked up a bit and became more interesting towards the end. It wasn’t a slow burn type of build, however; it was more of a setting the stage perhaps for the entire series that made it take a while to really understand what this particular book was about and why we should invest in the characters.

Essentially, it’s a story of a forgotten identity, which is awakened by unusual circumstances, a musically-evoked, soul connecting romance and impending danger.

The main character, Saorise, grows up believing she is human, but comes to find out that she is really the presumed dead goddess, Brid. Her true love from the god realm, Smithy, struggles to beliee that she Brid is really not dead, but in fact, in this human form, but their chemistry is undeniable (though the sparks could have been a little more fiery for me).

There were some surprises (as to who were underlying gods living amongst the humans) and some mystery that has still yet to unfold (who is Luke, really?) I liked the characters enough, and definitely enjoyed a mysterious love triangle that left a cliffhanger, but I’m not sure I felt grabbed enough to absolutely HAVE to see how it all ends.

For me, I needed a little more insight into why they were actually “awakening”…a little more drama to pull me in.

All and all, a decent read with promise. I might take a chance on the second book to see what is really plaguing Smithy after a (no spoilers) certain circumstance changes him, and who Luke is, but still unsure if I’m all that invested to find out.

To learn more about this week’s author and her book, you can find her here:

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