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Book of the Week: A Nutcracker Christmas

A Nutcracker Christmas by Laurie Winter

What a sweet little romance this was! It took the premise of the traditional Nutcracker come to life story and added in a mystery, a curse, and tender feel-good family memories.

It was a great blend of old-fashioned Christmas spirit and modern day living, and I was all in.

It started out with the typical young woman being relocated for the holidays—this time due to the passing of a beloved aunt (Clara). She was full of regret for not spending more time with her aunt, and she was there to help close up her traditional Christmas store before the sale of the building. She is gifted a nutcracker, who unbeknownst to her, comes to life thanks to an old curse, and she finds herself with unexpected feelings.

The sweetness of their connection was slow and steady, and I loved how it married his old school life memories with her present day divorced family situation—with the added mix of how did Aunt Clara fit in (and how come she never broke the curse?) The whole book is delightful from beginning to end.

The perfect curl up by the fireplace read.

To learn more about the author and her book:

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