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Beat Me With Your Words: A Note From the Author

All is not what it appears to be.

That is the monstrous malady behind emotional abuse and this novel’s exposé.

Beat Me With Your Words is a work of fiction that came to me with an urgent message that this story must be told. It reflects some of my personal experiences in multiple relationships I’ve had over my lifetime; stories I’ve sat and listened to while holding a friend’s hand; hours of research; and a bit of imagination to make the novel richer. There is no one Emily Davidson, and no one Blake Denton.

Whatever its ingredients, the recipe is simply and profoundly a story of emotional abuse and gaslighting.

As a society, we cannot hide from the havoc this travesty wreaks in equal devastation to physical abuse. The time has come to shine a light on this ironically silent shadow of violence against another human being. The criticism-laced shamers, nay-sayers, good-meaning advisors, and abusive fearmongers will no longer beat me with their words.

We must bring emotional exploitation out of the darkness so that we can put a stop to the mental madness that quietly rips lives apart.

It’s an “innocent” story of a great love gone wrong, as seen through those famous rose-colored glasses of denial. As time evolves and awareness creeps in, the ingénue, Emily, dives deeper into the hidden (and blatant) red flags that were present the entire relationship; clues that were missed behind the promising curtain of forever. You’ll witness the inner workings of emotional degradation and its casual consumption of a full life, and the “a-ha” after the survival.

If you see yourself in Emily’s eyes, be empowered to recognize it, and get the help and healing you need and deserve. This in no way represents any kind of medical or psychological advisement, nor do I claim to be an expert on emotional abuse. I think the typical disclaimer is that this is “for entertainment purposes only;” however, I am sure you will find the narrative far from entertaining and much more gut-wrenching.

Read it for what it is: an inspirational journey that reflects the plight of too many Emily Davidsons in this world. This is her story. Yet, sadly, it’s also the story of parts of you, me, and everyone else who has suffered any kind of emotional cruelty in life.

This is our story.

Watch my video for deeper insight into the development of Emily's character and the purpose of this heartbreaking novel.

This is for every daughter who was told she wasn’t good enough to reach for her dreams. Yes, you are. Get out there, follow your heart, and prove them wrong. You truly can be anything.

This is for every student whose teacher implied she wouldn’t amount to much just because she wasn’t as smart as others or didn’t behave in a specific way. Who made that teacher God? You are perfect, flaws and all, so go share your unique talents with the world. We’re waiting to see you soar.

This is for every friend whose “bestie” kept reminding her how she kept her around because she took pity on her—and never let her forget it. This isn’t high school anymore, and she’s not a friend. Fuck her and go find your tribe. The perfect weirdos will embrace you for being your authentic self.

This is for every female employee degraded by her male boss simply for having a vagina. He’s just intimidated by your potential. Take your vagina and “Care Bear Stare” your fucking magical power out of it. Either shine without regrets or move on to better pastures. It’s just a job—you deserve a legacy.

This is for every boy and man who has been subjected to the belittling of an insecure, abusive woman (or man). I see you. This book is written from a woman’s perspective, but you are equally acknowledged for your pain and suffering. You are a good man—a better man than they will ever know. Time to ignore those voices and step into your pure masculine greatness.

This is for every girlfriend, wife, and partner who shrunk herself gradually into a shell of who she really was at the words of an abuser. Whether (s)he is your “soulmate,” or you simply fear him/her, get the fuck out NOW.

Yes, it will be hard. Yes, it will be heartbreaking, and perhaps the most challenging thing you will ever do in your life. No, it will not be a smooth transition to safety.

But yes, you will be okay. Yes, you will heal and be whole again. Yes, you can even find genuine love one day.

First, you must choose yourself, and fight back. Leave. Get therapy—a lot of it. Take up a new hobby.

Get rid of old photos and mementos. Talk to other abused women or men. Share your story. Step into the power of who you really are when stripped of the abuse and its scars. Find your happily ever after the abuse. Be brazen, not battered.

It is my wish that Emily’s journey inspires you to take the next step, whatever that may be for you. Love yourself more than your abuser. And be FREE.

In love, admiration, and sisterhood,


Order the book (kindle or paperback) here:

Some Reviews:

“Dee has taken the powerful themes of love, loyalty, power struggles, and sex to weave them into a satisfying and suspenseful story that awakens and empowers a survivor. Kudos for not glossing over what is one of the most overlooked, tragic issues in our society.” – Stacie Hearne, Authors Reading

“A heartbreaking rollercoaster ride…Beat Me With Your Words packs a punch. This novel is a call to action to break the mold—to show women that it’s okay to fight back and to leave.” – Independent Book Review

“Emotionally poignant, Beat Me With Your Words takes an issue that typically hides in the shadows into the light. Eye-opening and relatable, Emily’s journey will resonate with anyone with emotional wounds, and lends hope that surviving and developing strength from such experiences is ultimately possible.” - Dr. Kristin Mangum, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

“A raw, honest, insightful look into the reality of abuse and how it draws you in. The way we talk ourselves out of the flags, how we hold on to “the story” in our heads, the myriad of ways we abandon ourselves and call it love - you don't realize it until you're drowning. There's just a lot of shame wrapped up in it, so we don't often talk about what happened – Beat Me With Your Words shatters the illusion behind gaslighting and blame.” – Suzanne L., Advanced Reader

“A well-paced story about suffering from and finding a way out of an abusive relationship.” -Kirkus Reviews


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