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Banned Book of the Week: The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

Why It’s Banned: For its profanity, sexual overtones and anti-Christian themes.

My Take: It’s a dystopian novel, so of course there are going to be anti-everything themes and less than desirable scenes. That being said, what was in the book was no more shocking or inappropriate than your everyday movie or television show, so I didn’t find it that terribly offensive enough to be ban-worthy. The sexual content was actually more modest than I expected—subtle, not descriptive.

Plus, this particular dystopian fantasy was much easier to read digest than 1984, that’s for certain.

However, it also made me nauseous to think of what could happen in the future if the patriarchy were to get its way. I think given the current situation where woman’s rights are under “renegotiation,” it’s a scary scenario to read about how women (and even men) were stripped of basic rights. My stomach churned as I read about the different roles women were allowed, and the rules they were subjected to.

Fuck that caveman shit lol. But I really did love reading the book itself. I found it really intriguing, and now, I have to see the TV series.


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