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Banned Book of the Week: The Color Purple

The Color Purple by Alice Walker

Why It’s Banned: For its explicit content, sexual themes, and violence.

My Take: I can see why this would be banned due to the graphic nature of the sex and violence throughout. That aside, I found the story to be absolutely moving and thought-provoking and beautiful. I loved the letter-writing aspect and the deep, insightful plight of a black woman facing countless abuse, her worldly experiences—and her rise through it all.

Every terrible thing imaginable happened to this woman: incest, rape, children sold, physical and mental abuse, her sister taken away—you name it, she lived through it.

How angry I got at the racism and misogyny and the shame and abuse. I found myself crying a lot about what she had to endure, and couldn’t even imagine that level of pain. And yet, through it all, she remained a beautiful, caring soul who took care of others. I was also how touched by the beautiful female relationship that empowered Celie to find the courage to finally fight back and own her life. And the sister bond? Ahh, I felt that with every fiber of my being as I have two sisters of my own.

I think if it were not for such graphic scenes that may be unsuitable for youth, the story itself is worth the emotions.

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