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Banned Book of the Week: Nineteen Eighty-Four

Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell

Why It’s Banned: For its pro-communism and sexually explicit content.

My Take: I actually think it should have been banned just for sheer boredom and confusion. I wasn’t able to follow along. I legit had to put it down and never pick it back up again.

From what I did read, I agree that it is overtly sexual, and not necessarily appropriate for young readers. The pro-communism angle doesn’t bother me as much, because the whole point is to show the potential dysfunction of a society and what could happen under brainwashed circumstances. It’s not promoting it, rather more like warning against it, at least in my opinion.

I can’t fairly assess further than that, because I even tried to watch the movie in hopes of gaining clarity and interest, but I feel asleep.

While I appreciate its intention and futuristic caution, I think if we are going to use books to demonstrate dystopian societies, we can now upgrade to more modern literature like the Divergent series or The Hunger Games…which of course have their own banning issues, but a far as content? Much more intriguing to dig into.

I’d do away with it—and my daughter who had to endure reading it agrees.

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