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The Lion in the Sand

And from the ashes of the burning sand, the lioness rises.

Her gentle mane of pure sunshine circling in beams of light around her newborn aura.

Moving in a continuous flow, like the cyclical waves around her, dancing freely in the salty air, giving off her energy of passionate fire, and grounding into the depths of the earth, her home.

She does not fear the darkness for she is the light that dispels it.

She does not fear what came before nor what’s to come for in this moment her heart is ablaze with the wonder and possibility that rebirth gives.

She winks. She knows a secret that fuels her playful heart, releases her golden locks, vibrates joy from her sunshine smile, and puts faith back into her ocean eyes.

A guttural roar escapes with a fierceness she can no longer deny.

She is rage and beauty all in one delicious mess of tenderness, whispering her siren song to life and surrendering to its reply.

Courage is thy name. Welcome to your destiny.

~ Jenny Dee

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