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  • Jenny

The Emergent Traveler

Sit still my little one, where are you going now?

I’m off on an adventure!

The high seas are calling me to find their buried treasure

The princesses are calling me to attend their ball

The pyramids are calling me to unravel their mystery

The beaches are calling me to build their biggest sandcastle

The mountains are calling me to hike their steepest rocks

The forests are calling me to run wild with their animals

The cities are calling me to dazzle in their lights

The universe is calling me to play in its abundance

Can’t you see, there is so much to see?

To explore, to uncover, to learn?

The world is a pretty big place, and I need to see it all

I need to dip my toes into the bluest of waters

I need to find the rarest of precious stones

I need to see the most colorful of landscapes

I need to hear the quirkiest voice of all animals

I need to smell the prettiest of flowers

I need to taste the most peculiar of foods

I need to sense the profoundest of spirit

It’s okay, I will never go too far

As to never know where my home is

For I love the here as much as the there

But wherever spirit leads me to go, is where I shall follow

And so I must follow my heart into the unknown

I must break free from this cocoon and fly, fly away

To see the world through a butterfly’s eyes

Artwork by Elizabeth Hamby

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