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The Cosmic Kids Club: Introducing Children to the World of Astrology

The world is ready for children’s books on esoteric topics.

The first in a series of introductory astrology is here.

Co-authored with Stephanie Foley of Enchanted Life, our Soul School Series book collection opens the doors for children to explore universal topics, such as astrology, chakras and more. Our first series, the Cosmic Kids Club, takes explorers on a step-by-step journey to understand the basics of astrology. Using fun, unique characters designed by 12-year-old Cappy entrepreneur-in-the-making, Bryce Foley, kids can connect the zodiac, planets and concept of houses together in their quest to gain a better understanding of who they are. (Also great for adults beginning their astrology journey!)

A parent’s perspective:

“This is a sweet book that matches personality traits to zodiac signs with adorable characters. Easy to understand and made my daughter and I laugh when we compared these characters to ourselves. This is a good book for kids who are learning to read.”

An educator’s perspective:

“This book is the perfect introduction to Astrology and the different Zodiac signs. It's a great book for children and adults to read and enjoy together. What wonderful discussions there could be about having different likes, dislikes and personalities! I can't wait to read the rest of the books!”

An astrologer’s perspective:

“This is a well thought out and simple book for kids about astrology. Good introduction for your kids. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to have books like this available when I was a kid. And you have manifested it. Bravo!”

About the Books

You can check out the entire series by CLICKING HERE or find the individual links below!

#1. Meet the Z Team

Are you curious about the stars and planets in the sky? Have you ever heard of zodiac signs—or noticed someone calling themselves an “Aries” or “Libra”? Do you wonder what all that means? Then come join the Cosmic Kids Club for an exciting learning adventure!

Over a series of books, we’ll help you to understand the basics of astrology: how zodiac signs, planets, houses and more all work together to make us who we are. In this book, Meet the Z Team, we’ll introduce you to the twelve signs of the zodiac and their unique personalities. You might even be able to relate to one or more of our fun characters.

Let the journey begin!

Order your paperback or Kindle copy today:

#2. Planet Personalities

In book two of our Cosmic Kids Club series, we take adventurers on a journey through the “Basic 13”: major planets and star bodies that astrologers use when learning about people.

For each of the 13, we explore what they are, their movements in the sky, what they can tell us about ourselves and what Z Team friend they are most like. This easy read sets astro students up for learning the basic planetary energies and their reflection of our personalities, patterns and overall lives.

We’re bringing them one step closer to understanding who they truly are.

Order your paperback or Kindle copy today:

#3. Stars Live in Houses, Too

In book three of our Cosmic Kids Club series, we review the concept of astrology houses and how they play a role in our lives.

We highlight the theme of each house, plus the Z Team friend and planet personality that goes along with it. We also give an overview of degrees and planet connections, such as conjunctions (“superboosts”) and squares (“competitions”). These are the final building blocks our explorers need before they learn how to put it all together!

By the end of this book, kids will have a basic understanding of the major elements of astrology and will be ready to see how it all works!

Order your paperback or Kindle copy today:

#4. Cosmic Kids Astrology

In this fourth book of the Cosmic Kids Club series, we provide adventurers with a hands-on learning experience of reading astrology charts.

We review how zodiac signs, planets and houses work, and then offer some general suggestions of what some of these combinations could mean. What is it like to have a Sun in Sagittarius in the 3rd house or Venus in Aquarius in the 9th?

It’s a culmination of everything we have learned, setting our cosmic explorers up for a solid foundation in astrology. With so many more ideas out there to discover, it’s our hope that readers are inspired to continue diving deeper into the world of astrology.

With its helpful chart reading exercises, readers can put new knowledge into practice, making it educationally enriching as well as entertaining.

Order your paperback or Kindle copy today:

Check out some insights into Meet the Z Team here:

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