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  • Jenny

She Has Bloomed

From ten little fingers

And ten little toes

You grew in grace

To become my Samantha Rose

Voice of an angel

So gentle and sweet

Before you were born

My life was incomplete

Like the flower you were named for

I watched you blossom and bloom

The time went too fast

Graduation came too soon

But the time has come

For you to dream, wish and create

Keep believing in magic and yourself

And make this life of yours great

Always be strong

Always be caring

And even though it’s scary

Be a little bit daring

Keep marching to your own beat

Never care what others say

I know who you are

And you’re perfect this way

My little baby red bird

You are no more

And so with a tweet, tweet, tweet

I let you go to explore

You may be all grown

Ready to take on the world

But forever and always

You’ll be my little girl

an original poem by Jenny Dee

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