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September is for Self and Spirituality

September is for self-love, self-awareness, and spirituality. As it’s my birthday month (yeah!), I also like to give myself a fresh start and reflect on how I can design an even greater new year. I thought it was the perfect time to read some books that would facilitate some personal transformation!

So, bring on the inspirational, feel-good books that challenge our self-limiting beliefs, that empower us to break free, that dare us to blaze through the future with our inner light, or that simply make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. I won’t go so far as to say I’m dabbling in “self-help”—I’m engaging in radically uplifting concepts that lead me outside of my comfort zone and into the unknown. Join me on this path to discovering more of the world and what it has to offer--what WE have to offer.

In the spirit of trying to understand ourselves better, I’m giving away my entire 5-book Cosmic Kids Club compilation. The world is ready for children’s books on esoteric topics: it’s never too early to introduce young minds to the topics of astrology and numerology, and how unique our own energies are.

This month, I’ll be asking my social media followers some questions about the books that have touched and helped to transform their own lives, whether personally or professionally? Feel free to comment with your own thoughts and insights below!

1. What stands out as the most influential self-awareness book(s) you’ve ever read?

I went through many evolutionary periods where different books touched me at different times in my life, depending on where I was on my path. The most notable books that inspired or empowered me over the years have included A Return to Love, The Artist’s Way, and Outrageous Openness—all of which I have re-read several times. 2. What is a self-improvement book that has helped you to grow professionally?

For me, it was The Three Laws of Performance. At the time, it mirrored the personal transformation I was undergoing as a result of attending a Landmark Forum healing opportunity. I was able to take a lot of the concepts I learned in the forum, plus some new professional perspectives, and apply them to bring about more opportunities to express myself authentically and creatively in the workplace.

3. Has there been a spiritual book you simply did not resonate with?

Personally, I could not get into or align with The Purpose-Driven Life. It was too religion-heavy for me, and while I have respect and appreciation for all kinds of religions, beliefs, and perspectives, the under-and overtones were washing away any interest or resonance I might have had with the message. Just wasn’t my cup of tea. 4. Are there certain authors who inspire and empower you more than others?

I have to say that for me, I’m not drawn to any one author. In fact, the ones that are most “notable” and repeatedly quoted are not typically the ones I read (though I have read the mainstream “musts”). I tend to prefer word of mouth recommendations; discovering someone new with a powerful message that touched someone else personally. It hardly ever fails to hit the mark at the right time for me.

What would your responses be? What have been some life-altering reads for your soul? Let’s shift into the vortex of changing our lives to match our visions…

If you’d like to check out my Cosmic Kids Club collection, you can find it here or on any major distribution channel.

Are you curious about the stars and planets in the sky? Have you ever heard of zodiac signs—or noticed someone calling themselves an “Aries” or “Libra”? Do you wonder what all that means? Then come join the Cosmic Kids Club for an exciting learning adventure! Over a series of books, we’ll help you to understand the basics of astrology: how zodiac signs, planets, houses and more all work together to make us who we are. As an added bonus, we’ve included our popular Numerology for Kids book, which shares some meanings and messages that certain numbers represent in our lives. Let the journey begin!

“These books are AMAZING!!! I bought them for my 11 year old daughter who’s been expressing an interest in learning more about her sign and all things astro. We read all four books together and while the intention was primarily for her knowledge, I too learned SO MUCH!!! The way each book is structured starting with the zodiac signs, to the planet personalities, to understanding the various houses, and then putting them altogether made it quite easy to grasp!! The ‘ahas’ were flying, people! Lol! I absolutely recommend these books to anyone interested in understanding the intricacies of astrology ~ adult or child!” - 5-Star Amazon Review

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