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  • Jenny

My Escape

There’s a place I seek to escape to

To take refuge from this dark

I don’t know where it is

There is no map that can lead me to it

There is no “X” marks the spot

No pre-planned path to my nirvana

On a journey to the unknowns

Running away from what is

To be embraced by the what could be

All the while captured by the what was

Yearning to explore, discover, unveil truth

A desperation to change, heal, feel

Anything but here and now

My quest betrays me

A lonely adventure for one

Denying the beauty of life along the way

Traveling to anywhere

Never satisfied with any destination

Yet never wanting to return home

The journey becomes a burden

Always focused on the escape

Missing the hidden treasures

The exotics of life already in reach, but invisible and denied

Empty souvenirs

My cabinet’s conquests speak of places ventured

Yet none have the brought the exquisite escape I desire

And none will until I take the ultimate trip

To one of the wonders of the world

A uniquely breathtaking destination like none other

It holds all the culture, freedom, adventure and romance I crave

All of the elements of earth, air, fire and water live here

A place of supreme harmony

Where experience and adventure wait for me

To take my breath away

Everything I’ve ever wanted

A dream journey that’s mine for the taking

A journey to the light

A journey to peace and joy

A journey to enjoying the moment

A journey that begins now

As I simply escape to the within

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