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Merry Morning Memories

A magic glow of a quiet tree that shimmers in the break of dawn

Neatly arranged presents for a trio of good little girls

Stockings filled to the brim with trinkets of everything but coal

Waiting for us to dive right in and see Santa’s surprises

A teddy bear with a bright red bow that lights up an old woman’s face

Those plastic dolls with clickable clothes hidden under the upstairs tree

An envelope bringing grandmother and granddaughter together for a new Broadway passion

A naughty Chippendale nightshirt and new leather jacket that make a dad cringe

That unmistakable, coveted Cabbage Patch shaped box

A sweater two sizes too small as an attempted compliment

Tears shed every year over that one great sentimental find

As discarded wrapping is carefully collected and treasures stacked

There’s an annual sneaking of a chocolate chip cookie before breakfast

While the smells of croissants and cinnamon rolls light up the kitchen

And family is united at one table of excitement and sharing

Many Christmases merge into one

Except the one that almost wasn’t

The one where we were the adopted family

Blessings of clothing, food, and kind cards filled our hearts

And we felt the true meaning of Christmas

As love enveloped us in the form of need received and lighter hearts

We are forever humbled by humanity’s hand

For of all the merry morning memories in my mind

I will never forget the one that meant the most

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