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The mind finds its ease with uncertainty

The heart recognizes its calling to say yes

The soul completes its necessary detour of growth and wisdom

The body misses an otherworldly connection


All perceived obstacles have been removed from thought

The trepidation of diversity has been embraced as adventure

The unknown variables are worth the risk of exploration

The uncomfortable becomes comfortable


Cultural curiosity and willingness to explore is enough

Connection’s warmth soothes more than adrenaline’s cold rush

Distance does not matter in the time-space continuum

Questions can be simply answered with yes and…


Time grants you that unmistakable knowing

Silence grants you the gift of remembrance

Experience grants you exquisite clarity

You grant yourself the peace you are seeking


The universe signals your journey is complete


The glowing yellow light beckons you to take flight


The stars align with the beating of your own heart

Come back to me

And simply know and feel

Yes, I am real

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