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Creating Childhood Cherishings

Splishing splashing

I can hear the squeals of laughter

Jumping through endless joy

Of downpouring waterspouts

Take cover!

It's about to blow!

But slowly they creep out to accidentally get caught

In the rush

The adrenaline of childhood delight

Rainbow swimsuits

Shark swim trunks

Costumes made for mermaids and mermen

Are we wet enough to brave the slide?

No, not just yet

Some more wading

And water gun squirting

Hiding under an umbrella sprinkler

As the sun creates the perfect summer day

In touch with the water

I can feel their emotional release

Down the slide they finally go

Ready to embrace that journey

The unknown adventure

A big splash goes over me!

She cries, thrilled

Let's do it again!

Siblings forgetting they're siblings

Enjoying the friendship that will last forever

Oops! A slip into the ship's river

And a roar of laughter

These are the days we cherish

Of unabated joy and laughter

Of hearts fully open and out

Of a childhood worth remembering

~ An Original Poem by Jenny Dee

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