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An Original Poem: My Maiden Moon

Today, the sun meets my natal moon in Virgo and I felt all the feels of inspiration. To all my fellow Virgo moons out there, would love to know if this resonated with you. To all other moons - may you see the maiden emotions of Virgo in a new light xo

At five degrees of the virgin

Does my emotion harvest


Practical, analytical, rational

I overthink by the stars’ design

Seeking perfection in every moment

But the beauty is missed under

The protective mask of logic

Feelings deeper than the surface compel the heart to be:


Every gift selected with the precision of the recipient’s soul being

Seeing who they are and reflecting it in words and action


Not a moment goes by without the desire to be of service

Fulfilled to better another’s day


We listen, reflect, perspect

Giving a voice to pain so that peace is restored


Emotional expression is real and genuine

No question we are who we say we are

In the detail of emotion

Where there is no rhyme or reason

You find the stirrings of complexity

Mixed with the givings of compassion

But as its feminine representation reveals

You find none sweeter or more sensitive

Than the loving reflection

Of a maiden’s moon

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