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An Original Poem: Misty Road

Confronting stress in a different way, I chose to go down to a beach area where there were stairs that led to the beach. I could haven chosen to simply stay at the top, overlooking its beauty and feel its peace form afar, or I could walk through the mist and down the stairs to see what was waiting for me--knowing the difficulty of the walk back up. I reflect on the journey I ended up taking:

I cannot see what’s right in front of me

But I know what lies ahead in the mist

A path part known, part unknown

If I travel down,

I must travel up

Despite the fear

Despite knowing the challenge


I’m called to travel down further

“Trust me”

A voice says

And I do

And so I bravely descend

Knowing the uphill battle to come

But wondering if I’m being led to an easier return

I stop.

The water is so beautiful here at the bottom

Peaceful, serene, welcoming

All anxiety released to the waves

The trip through the mist was worth it for this view

Another path appears

Unknown and unfollowed before

A boardwalk among the rocks




What I would have missed if I ignored the voice

Then I see it:

The ascension

The dreaded cement stairs

The shortness of breath

The fear of looking ridiculously out of shape

What trickery is this?

There was no easier way up

Just a distracting detour

And so the journey back to the trop begins

My mind toiling in frustration at the outcome

But a surprise awaits in the middle of the struggle

A ramp

A slight incline to release the ache of relentless stairs

A looking out point I didn’t see coming in my hurried expectations

I catch my breath in more ways than one

I find my fight

I keep going, weaving up through stairs and inclines

It was a smoother journey upward after all


Trust in redirection

Trust in the unexpected

Trust in myself

“Trust me”—that voice

Trust that I will always get back up after going all the way down

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