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My 2020 Vision: A New Approach

For the last few years, I’ve had this New Years Eve routine: review my past year, honor my successes, surrender my failures, bless my lessons and then set my intentions for the new year. This year wasn’t any different as I pulled my celestial tarot cards for insight into my new year and created a vision board.

But this year, I didn’t do my ordinary “wish board.” Instead, I took a different approach. Instead of concentrating on what I wanted, I concentrated on who I wanted to be; the behaviors that I knew would bring about my deepest desires. After all, I can want all I want, but if I don’t change how I approach my goals, nothing will ever change.

And so after some soul searching, I determined there were three main “vibes” wanted to create/continue this year: Freedom, Love and Fulfillment.

How am I going to magnetize these vibes into my life?

1. Stepping outside of my comfort zone and embracing the unknown. Every time I face fears or do something unconventional, I always reap some kind of reward. It may not exactly be what I intended, but it is always a worthwhile experience. I need to release what I think I need to do, be or act to achieve my goals and look for the hidden opportunities in life. Anything worth doing is worth doing afraid.

2. Nurturing self-care and self-love routines. 2019 taught me that I am way too hard on myself and set unrealistic expectations. Instead of creating a strict diet and routine plan in hopes of losing weight, I decided to go with the flow. Nourish my body by being aware of what I put into it and how I treat it, rather than punish myself over and over for not being perfect. Encourage myself to stay centered through journaling, meditation and walking in nature. Be kind to myself. Make sleep a priority. And above all, let my heart guide me and love myself just as I am.

3. Living with an inspired approach to others. I am crippled by my shyness, self-shame and self-judgment to the point where I am pretty sure I have permanent resting bitch face or strangers want to avoid me like the plague. How can I ever change the vibration of my life if I cower? Instead, I will focus on being conscious in my interactions: smile more, engage with others and SPARKLE like the light I know I am.

I definitely have concrete goals I want to achieve this year. I am committed to taking actions towards reaching those goals, holding myself accountable and following my intuition along the way. But instead of posting a board of what I don’t have and yearn for, I thought I’d take a stab at a daily visual of who I want to show up as in the world: courageous, loving and sparkly.

After all, it’s who am I on the inside—why not share that with the outside world for a change?

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