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Expanding My Genres

As an author, I have always loved the freedom and diversity of what I write: poems, short stories, almost-scripts, novels, memoirs, love letters, proposals, training manuals, essays, children’s books, blogs and so on. There are so many amazing ways to communicate a written message.

However, I recently noticed how short-sighted of a reader I was.

I have always been drawn to certain authors and mostly romance novels, with a few non-fiction self-love works and a few other books some friends wrote peppered on my bookshelf here or there.

It wasn’t until I started doing my weekly book review video series that I have allowed myself to open up to new genres I may have indulged in a few times here or there, but wouldn’t commit to. How could I dare to cheat on my romance obsession?

Well, I see now what I have been missing. In my mission of creativity to showcase books of all types of genres, and not just romance, my video series has helped me to realize that there are really other kinds of books I am fascinated by.

  • Mysteries. Looking back as a young girl, before romance was even a thing in my eyes, I would read Nancy Drew book after Nancy Drew book, my very first one being The Kachina Doll Mystery. I loved trying to solve those mysteries! I also read the Babystitter’s Club series, which also had a mystery element to it. So, my first love was actually mysteries, and now, I can’t seem to get enough!

  • Dark Novels. As I outgrew Nancy Drew, I became enthralled by V.C. Andrews, and those books were dark and twisted. I don’t know if I left any unread. I even loved the movies made from them—even though the acting sucked, but I what did I know back then? But I find myself pulled back into reading dark tales of abuse, deceit and trauma, if nothing more than to improve my own empathy and awareness of life.

  • Urban Fantasies—especially those set in Ireland. I love any book having to do with Irish magic, the fae, spells, witches, etc. That has always fascinated me, and the ones I read usually had some kind of love connection story in it, which is why I found them. I particularly favored the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning.

  • Autobiographies. I’m mostly drawn to women’s stories, but I’m game to read anything interesting. I think I like reading the history behind women and what makes them who they are today; the triumphant stories of challenges and trauma they overcame, or even failures that made them stronger. It reminds me that we are not alone.

  • Humor. Although humor is subjective and it’s hard to find books that might align with my sarcastic side while not going over to the “stupid” side, I’m hoping to add more comedy into my reading life because I’m serious enough as it is and could use the light-hearted break! Besides, who doesn’t love a good tummy cramp from laughing?

And although I have always been open to what I write, this new, expansive reading journey I am on is only helping me to grow myself as a writer; to dabble with new ideas, storytelling and depth. It’s amazing how when you change just one little part of your life, the whole world can open.

Who knew when I thought about doing book reviews on video that I would change my life in an amazing way?

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